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RE: 3-D Symbols

Curious, is my suggestion of a slanted circle (45 degrees as opposed to the 90 degree circle) available in this version for a quick writing of boat, house, and all the others that require 45 degrees without having to create 96 3/4-hand shapes?  It would fit here under 3-D symbols like the "underneath" half circle as a category by itself.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
SignWriting List
May 13, 2004

The 3-D Symbols today are even more sophisticated. They will be
available in the International Movement Writing Alphabet (the IMWA).
The IMWA has eight symbol categories:

Category 01 - Hand
Category 02 - Movement
Category 03 - Face
Category 04 - Head
Category 05 - UpperBody
Category 06 - FullBody
Category 07 - Space
Category 08 - Punctuation

Category 07, Space, includes symbols that show spatial
relationships...such as Height, Width, Depth...and also 3D Symbols. In
the early history of SignWriting, we used the 3D symbols for the upper
body only, but then, over time, they were dropped because that kind of
detail is really for research use...for daily use, we write the third
dimension in other ways...

Here is an explanation of the 3D Symbols from our DanceWriting web site:

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