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May 17, 2004

Adam Frost wrote:
> I had asked Cindy Herbst, the head of the Modern Language Department at
> Pierce College. (Val, you might know her.) Cindy is CODA and a long
> time certified interpreter with high honors. She is one of the few
> people that have actually corrected my ASL. Plus, she is the only one
> that is not Deaf that has done that. SMILE (This is after I learned ASL
> from my Deaf teacher, of course.) If you want any documentations on the
> difference, I will ask her if she has any.

Yes. I know Cindy Herbst! Please say "hello" to her for me...

Cindy is one of the people I worked with at Los Angeles Pierce College
back in the early 1980's. A friend of Cindy's, Susan Diamond Bucher,
who is also a hearing CODA, and one of the best interpreters I have
ever seen, worked with the DAC on our SignWriter Newspaper in the
1980's...You can read about the history of the SignWriter Newspaper on
the web...there are some pictures of Susan and our Deaf staff, on this
web page:

So Adam, ironically, 20 years later...if you work with SignWriting,
then we have come full circle!

See Susan attached...the Deaf people around her are Lucinda O'Grady
Batch, Kevin Struxness, Dennis Schemenauer, Meriam Ina Schroeder and
Maureen O'Grady...when everyone was young!

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