[sw-l] [OT] Someone here has a virus

Trevor Jenkins trevor.jenkins at SUNEIDESIS.COM
Thu Nov 11 08:15:37 UTC 2004

Sorry to post to these lists but I believe that someone belonging to one
or both of these lists has a virus. In the last week have received two
messages that proport to come from a senior member of the academic Deaf
world. They are or have been members of both lists. I know that the
message does not come from them because in a previous life I was an email
consultant for Compaq and can therefore read the header information. The
routing information show convincingly that the message does not originate
from City University.

So if you recognise any or all of the following domain names or IP address
then please get your machine off the net immediately and keep it off until
you've cleaned it up. johnny-brown.net or a3047.upc-a.chello.nl resolving

Regards, Trevor

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