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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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November 12, 2004


1. SignBank is a publishing tool for printing large multi-lingual
2. SignBank is a way to search for individual symbols in SymbolBank
3. SignBank gives you 6 ways to search for signs by symbols...

The search routines are....

SignBank 9: Search for Any sign with a certain symbol in an exact
SignBank 10: Search for signs with the Exact SignSpellings...
SignBank 11: Search for Any sign with a certain combination of
SignBank 12: Search for Any sign with an approximation of a
SignSpelling...with similar SignSpellings...
SignBank 13: Search for Any sign that uses certain groups of symbols
SignBank 14: Search for Any sign that uses a symbol, but there is no
defining rotation or flop...just any sub-symbol within that symbol


This was a lot of work to develop!

Some of those sound confusing but believe it or not, they would be
useful...only problem is that we need more signs in SignBank to search
for...That is what Lourdes just experienced...it is a good database
design...but without a lot of data stored in it, it has its
limitations...That is why I am talking with the FileMaker people for
funding, so we can somehow coordinate other databases of signs, into
SignBank...so we could do the searches on larger databases...the world
of more programming never ends! smile...

Val ;-)

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