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Wed Sep 8 21:10:34 UTC 2004

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September 8, 2004

> Does anyone know how we can get this changed?

Ha! Stephen - I worked on this for years! With the International
Organization for Standardization...with Michael Everson...so we worked
hard on this...

I think what has gotten you confused is the idea of country code and
language codes. For example, the country code for the US is US. The
spoken language is EN for English. and the native signed language of
the US and English speaking Canada is SGN-US. The SGN in front of the
country code, means the native signed language of that region. And that
is official!

Then we also worked out codes for non-native signed languages within
regions...but we can talk more about that later...

I must go off line now...I am writing grants and this is imperative, as
we have no funds right now -

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Val ;-)
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