[sw-l] Movement Writer alpha release

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Sep 16 02:32:07 UTC 2004

SignWriting List
September 15, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> The alpha release works best for MSIE. The cross-broswer library I am
> using
> does not play well with all of the browsers; I really need to use Java
> or
> flash.

I love the name Movement Writer and I feel happy that the IMWA is being
used so quickly. I am also writing a document on how to type the IMWA
with SignWriter style typing techniques, so between the two techniques,
and also other programs like SW-Edit, we are slowly getting some really
useful software...

Regarding the browsers and Movement Writer.... I was unable to get it
to work on any Macintosh browser, including Internet Explorer. However,
when I started VirtualPC and used Internet Explorer in Windows
XP...then I could see symbols and could get some action when I clicked
on a box....

I want to understand how Movement Writer works. I have been busy and a
little distracted. So bear with me...can you re-explain what to do in
simpler terms?...Please look at the attached screen capture. I see
symbols on the right side only. What do I do next? Give me step by
step...1., 2. and 3...how to type a sign....Or...better yet...walk us
through the steps you would take to type the American sign for HELLO...

I am really looking forward to this!  Val ;-)

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