[sw-l] Movement Writer alpha release

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Thu Sep 16 04:58:35 UTC 2004

Hi Val,

Movement Writer alpha release uses Javascript.  It accepts keyboard, mouse
clicks, and drag&drop.  Some, all or none of these features may work for
your browser/OS combination.

If keyboard support is working, to type the sign hello in ASL,

press the following keys (but not too fast)

That's the short answer.  Below is the detail.

On the opening screen, you see the eight categories of the IMWA.  For
typing, the right hand numbers look like this:
2 1 8
3 + 7
4 5 6

The index is placed on the J(3), index on K(+), ring finger on L(7).

Let's type the head first.  Categories 3 and 4 both have heads.  If we
select category 3: face (key J) we will not see the correct head symbol.
Press the minus symbol on the left (key D).   Select category 4: head (key
M) and we see the right symbol.  Select Group 2 (key U).  This brings us to
the symbols and variations.  Select symbol 1 (key I).  This will skip the
fill option and go straight to the rotations.  Select rotation 8 (key O).
Now for placement.  The first placement is the large placement: which
quadrand of the sign box.  We will select the center: plus symbol (key K).
Next is the small placement.  Select the center again: plus symbol (key K).

To review, if the keyboard is working: the following keys would have been
MUIO to select the symbol
KK for placement

Next we'll select the hand.  Category 1 (Key I).  Next is group 5 (key ,).
Now we need to use the left hand.  The rotation of the numbers on the left
hand is opposite of the right.
16  9 10
15  - 11
14 13 12

The index is placed on the F(11), index on D(-), ring finger on S(15).

We want symbol/variation 11 (key F).  Next is fill.  We want palm to the
side, fill 2 (key U).  Next is rotation and hand.  We want right hand
rotation 2 (key U).  Now placement.  Select the center right quadrand for
large placement (key L).  Select center left for small placement (key J).

To review by keyboard:
I,FUU to select the symbol
LJ for placement

Now the arrow.  Catergory 2 (key U).  Group 5 (key ,).  Symbol/variation 2
(key U).  Fill 1 (key I).  Rotation 1: (key I).  Now for placement.  Upper
right quadrand (Key O) for large placement.  Lower left quadrant (key M) for
small placement.

To review by keyboard:
U,UII to select symbol
OM for placment

So the complete typing for hello in ASL would be:

The large and small placements are estimates and take some getting used to.
It is more of an art than a science.  After the symbols have been placed,
there is always drag and drop to refine the symbol.

So that's my attempt to explain typing with Movement Writer alpha release.


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SignWriting List
September 15, 2004

Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> The alpha release works best for MSIE. The cross-broswer library I am
> using
> does not play well with all of the browsers; I really need to use Java
> or
> flash.

I love the name Movement Writer and I feel happy that the IMWA is being
used so quickly. I am also writing a document on how to type the IMWA
with SignWriter style typing techniques, so between the two techniques,
and also other programs like SW-Edit, we are slowly getting some really
useful software...

Regarding the browsers and Movement Writer.... I was unable to get it
to work on any Macintosh browser, including Internet Explorer. However,
when I started VirtualPC and used Internet Explorer in Windows
XP...then I could see symbols and could get some action when I clicked
on a box....

I want to understand how Movement Writer works. I have been busy and a
little distracted. So bear with me...can you re-explain what to do in
simpler terms?...Please look at the attached screen capture. I see
symbols on the right side only. What do I do next? Give me step by
step...1., 2. and 3...how to type a sign....Or...better yet...walk us
through the steps you would take to type the American sign for HELLO...

I am really looking forward to this!  Val ;-)

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