[sw-l] Sign Puddle should be Unicode based please

Signuno signuno at YAHOO.FR
Wed Sep 29 12:08:27 UTC 2004

 --- Stephen Slevinski <slevin at PUDL.INFO> a écrit :
> Signuno,
> I changed the header, so UTF-8 it is.  Not sure
> about the get vs post thing.
> I'll have to look into that later.

Ok, utf8 get will probably work on new browsers but
fail on older ones.  It's best to accept both get and
post I think.  The important thing is to translate any
filenames or database entries already in Latin-1 into
UTF-8.  This can be a pain, but will be worth it in
the long run.  Good luck.

> Someday, I would like SignPuddle to use the local
> voiced language along with
> the local signed language.  Right now it is
> English/ASL.  I'll do better
> with Movement Writer.

Just allow the admin person for that sign language to
localize would be easiest I guess.  Allow $NameOfSign
=  "Nomo de signo" etc.

Also, I found a page at http://lingvo.org/tajpu that
eases typing accepted letters, you might like to
borrow ideas from it sometime.

best wishes


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