[sw-l] A spock handshape?

Stephen Slevinski slevin at PUDL.INFO
Wed Sep 29 18:21:38 UTC 2004

Hi Val,

Version numbering and patches...

We currently use IMWA version 1.0: major version 1, minor version 0.  Why do
you want to jump to version 2.0 with the IMWA?  I think it would make sense
to use IMWA 1.1, since you will be adding to the IMWA, not chaning it

With version numbers, you can also add a patch number at the end.  Patches
are not full releases and should not require all of the associated

With Sign Puddle, I can use new symbols as fast as you can give them to me.
We have talked about adding new symbols incrementally, so here is my

IMWA 1.0.1 - spock handshape patch
This patch would be a zip folder containing only 6 symbols.  No addditional

The next patch would be IMWA 1.0.2.  This could be dance or mime or any
other symbols that are needed.

When you have enough patches added to warrent a new minor version, you can
create all of the associated documentation and define IMWA 1.1.

I can have patches up and running with Sign Puddle in a matter of minutes.

Just thinking out loud.  I know you have a lot of your plate.

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SignWriting List
September 29, 2004

Signuno wrote:
> Quick question.  I'm looking for the SSS number of
> this handshape:
> 5-hand, pinkie+ring together, middle+index together.
> ( Image at http://geocities.com/signuno/e2_et.gif )

Dear SW List, Signuno and Charles -
The handshape you are requesting is not in the IMWA version 1.0, but it
can be inserted, and it will be, in version 2.0.

Here is important information. You can get an entire listing of all
IMWA symbols in a PDF document.

Download this document:

IMWA version 1.0

Go to page 8. At the top you will find the handshape named FlatSplit
Center. (see attached screen capture)

FlatSplit Center has this number: 01-05-018-01-02-01. The fourth number
in that row of numbers (after 018) is 01. It stands for Variation 01.
That is the first variation of that handshape.

Your new symbol, with the thumb out, will be called FlatSplit Center
with Thumb, and it will be 01-05-018-02-02-01 (Variation 02).

Until your new symbol is added to the IMWA, I hope you will use the
current Variation 01 instead, since it is the closest number and will
help you later, when sorting by SSS...

Hope this helps!  Val ;-)


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