Elliptical circle vs. True circle

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 1 02:47:26 UTC 2005

Stuar? Query: How do I write an elliptical circle.
Query back: Is there a critical difference between circle and ellipse?  What I mean is: Is there a minimal pair of two signs where an ellipse means one thing and the same hands moving in a circle mean something else entirely? I'm not saying that such a thing does not exist, only that I haven't run across it in any ASL manual I have.
In terms of the movement that I showed as Fast forward and then back, you could always show it on a circle path, with a slow at the top and a relaxed fast coming back.
SW can be exact, but I don't undertand what is to be gained by creating innumerable ellipses when circles seen on edge convey the same information.  We are showing three dimensional paths on two dimensional surfaces.  If you WRITE the stuff, you can squash the circle any way you like.  With current software we have circles, not variable ellipses.  The IMWA can certainly be expanded to specific combinations, there are many double motions in it already, but is it necessary for what you wish to convey.  
If it is, then we need many demonstrations so that it can be done concretely and taught systematically.
Meanwhile, here is FLY ON AND ON done with a circle rather than a line and a D underhook.  I see it as two distinct movements, so the other had two distinct pieces.
    (shortened version) (longer version)
This reduces all of the repetitions to a single double-motion meaning "indeterminate repeats".

Stuart Thiessen <sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG> wrote:
If I need to write an elliptical circle vs. truly round circle, how do 
I express that? In the particular example I am working through, I am 
working on the circles on the Z plane (side wall). Of course it might 
be nice to see how it would in the other planes as well.

Also, is there a symbol for the movement that Charles wrote for FLY ON 
when it is a continuous circle but this sort of shows the "D 
face-down" kind of movement I was discussing?


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