Elliptical circle vs. True circle

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Mon Aug 1 03:16:41 UTC 2005

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July 31, 2005

> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> If I need to write an elliptical circle vs. truly round circle, how  
> do I express that? In the particular example I am working through,  
> I am working on the circles on the Z plane (side wall). Of course  
> it might be nice to see how it would in the other planes as well.

Hello Stuart!
Thanks for this question. The symbols that are full-circles are not  
showing eliptical movement. They are writing full normal circles. The  
attached diagram shows some of them. Even though they may look a  
little eliptical, full circle symbols always mean a full normal circle.

If I had to write an elipse instead of a circle, I guess I would  
divide the circle into two curved arrows to get the feeling of the  
elipse...a little like what Charles wrote in a previous message...

Are there signs in ASL that need that difference for true meaning  
differentiation? Or are we just discussing this to see IF it can be  
written? Those are two very different questions...If you really need  
it because the meaning is not clear without it, then let's write the  
sign together...can you show it to me? Do you have a little QuickTime  
video clip? or try to write it in SignPuddle....Once I see it, I  
might have some other ideas...

PS. What is the Z plane?... I assume that is depth?

Val ;-)

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