Elliptical circle vs. True circle

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 1 11:35:49 UTC 2005

I think the 3rd one is the one where the ellipse would be the citation, or perhaps the D form.  We are assuming the back loop of the d is understood with 3 forward motions (perhaps marked with slow arc.

Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
July 31, 2005

Word descriptions mean very little to me...

Here are the three versions of the sign for SICK, or to feel sick, in 
our SignPuddle dictionary at present...How would you define these 
three, Stuart? I know there are many others, but let's start defining 
what we already have...One of them means "continuously sick"...right?...

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