SignPuddle and mundbilder

Suzanne Pach suzanne at BORDVOORJEKOP.NL
Sat Aug 6 20:31:59 UTC 2005

Hi everybody!

I got some questions about SignPuddle and mundbilder..

Inspired by the Brussels Symposium, I started playing with
the Dutch SignPuddle. I managed to fill the empty puddle
with the numbers 1 till 9, but for some reason I added the
numbers 6 and 9 twice. So, is there a way to remove signs
you did add the the dictionary? (by the way, in signpuddle
it is written 'Netherlands Sign Language'. This sounds
slightly strange to me. Well, I don't mind, but for some
reason the English always seem to call us Dutch... or am I

And another question: I added the signs using Internet
explorer, but yesterday I read that you shouldn't use Int
Expl for signPuddle. Is that still true?

Then a question about the 'mundbildschrift'. Stefan, I'm
reading your book now. My compliments! It's really nice
and clear (and I learnt a lot of new german words too :).
But I got a question about the mundbildschrift. You give a
lot of examples of signs using 'mundbilder'. Sometimes you
show the mundbilder of all the letters of the spoken word,
but in most cases you only show the mundbild of the first
letter or most important vowel of the spoken word. Is that
because it's really articulated like that in German Sign
Language, or is it more economical, do you only show the
mundbilder that are absolutely necesary to understand the
sign?  I ask this, because in Dutch Sign Language those
mundbilder are often really important to distinguish the
different signs.

Thanks for your time and have a nice night (or day..)


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