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August 6, 2005

On Aug 6, 2005, at 1:31 PM, Suzanne Pach wrote:
> Inspired by the Brussels Symposium, I started playing with
> the Dutch SignPuddle. I managed to fill the empty puddle
> with the numbers 1 till 9, but for some reason I added the
> numbers 6 and 9 twice. So, is there a way to remove signs
> you did add the the dictionary? (by the way, in signpuddle
> it is written 'Netherlands Sign Language'. This sounds
> slightly strange to me. Well, I don't mind, but for some
> reason the English always seem to call us Dutch... or am I
> wrong?)

Hello Suzanne!
So you attended the SW Symposium in Brussels? Great. I see you became  
inspired to try to use SignPuddle...I am so glad!

If you would prefer to be listed under D for Dutch Sign Language on  
the opening directory page, I can change that icon for you, but the  
link sgn-NL still has to remain the same, now that the link is  
established on the internet I do not want to change the  
international postal code for the Netherlands is NL...we are using  
the standard postal codes as our method of linking to the nearly 40  
signed language regions now...

So this will be your url no matter what...

Sign Language of the Netherlands

Regarding the English word Dutch, versus the word Netherlands, I feel  
I need to change that whole directory page to have the name of the  
sign languages to be in both the native spoken language of the  
country, and also in English in smaller size type...So in time I will  
need your word in Dutch for you know what I mean!

Now, in regards to deleting signs in your SignPuddle...Anyone can add  
signs, without being an editor, but to delete and rename signs, you  
need to become an invitation only (smile) and now I will  
invite you! So I will send you an invitation through email privately  
next message, and then you need to click on a link in the email to  
establish your password...

Then after you become an editor, and you log into SignPuddle, you can  
go into the Dictionary Editor section to rename and delete the signs...

Keep writing with questions...

Val ;-)
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