Photos from the SW Symposium ;-)

Suzanne Pach suzanne at BORDVOORJEKOP.NL
Sun Aug 7 21:10:26 UTC 2005

Valerie, I added some of the names for the picture. Thanks
for inviting me being the editor. I just signed in.. I'm
not a fluent signer yet, still learning the language, but
for now I accept your invitation, since I'm only one using
(or playing) with the Dutch/Netherlands SignPuddle at the
moment. Dutch in Dutch is 'Nederlands' So in Dutch it is
'Nederlandse Gebarentaal' (NGT)

Stefan, thanks for the information :)


> SignWriting List
> August 7, 2005
> I am trying to write a caption...Can anyone help me with
> the
> names?
> Left to right...1. ...2 Ulrike...3 Lars...4 Marjolijn
Schoemans (Holland)...5 Suzanne Pach (Holland)........6.
> Jacobsen...7.
> Geoffrey Hunt

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