Photos from the SW Symposium ;-)

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 9 21:44:49 UTC 2005

Thanks, Val,

I have been away from the computer for a few days because I had to go to the 
hospital - but am better now.

As for e-address, use my usual hotmail address, iroald at . Please 
also add the group address, EuropeanSignWriters at


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>Subject: Re: [sw-l] Photos from the SW Symposium ;-)
>Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 10:59:57 -0700
>SignWriting List
>August 7, 2005
>Dear SignWriting List!
>I have started posting photos on the Europe Symposium page:
>SignWriting in Europe
>Lots more to do! There will be around 12 photos when it is done...
>Shane and Ingvild...Is it ok that I list your names and email  addresses? 
>Which email address do you want me to use? I fixed the  names...are all ok 
>so far? smile...
>Val ;-)

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