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I read the right sign (the one from Northern Ireland) as the two hands doing 
oposite movements (left hand going diagonally up while right hand is is 
going diagoanlly down, and vice versa)


ps: the sign we were shown in Maastricht had one straight up movement, both 
hands at the same time

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>August 11, 2005
>>Shane Ó hEorpa from Northern Ireland wrote:
>>That’s my sign for Tokyo – a bit of a deviation u may notice!
>Hello Shane and Midori!
>THANK YOU, Shane, for posting some SignWriting. You have made me very  very 
>And now I want to ask you both...Which sign is more accurate? The one  on 
>the left, is writing movement twice up-diagonally, but the  emphasis is on 
>the up-up. The sign on the right is writing the same  movement, but instead 
>the emphasis is even...up-down-up...
>Left sign...up-up
>Right sign...up-down-up
>A different feeling to the movement...I would actually pronounce  (produce) 
>them differently...
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