CZECH REPUBLIC When does school start again?

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Tue Aug 16 07:46:31 UTC 2005

Hi Val and everybody.

I send email almost in fingerspelling jus by mistake. I wanted to see 
how much signs is missing in czech signpuddle and I click on Send in 
stead of Preview :-)
Yes, Val. You are right. Anyway, you understand almost the whole email :)
I hope I'll be able to send whole email in CZJ (czech sign language) soon.

Val please where I can find this:
and how can I write message like you? in collumns?

about schools:
        basic schools, grammar schools and other schools at this level 
starts on 1st September
        higher schools and universities starts from cca. 12nd september 
till 10st october (so every school starts on different date)

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> August 15, 2005
> Dear Honza in the Czech Republic!
> I am so excited. This is our first email to the List, written in  
> signs and fingerspelling from the Czech Republic. The reason there is  
> so much fingerspelling in this message is, that some of the word- 
> glosses did not exist in the Czech SignPuddle, so SignPuddle  
> substitutes fingerspelling when the sign is missing from the  
> dictionary...You have some signs to add to SignPuddle I see!
> This is exciting for all of us, to learn some Czech signs,  
> fingerspelling and words too...Thank you, Honza!
> I guess that ahoj means hello!! And look at the name Val. The letter  
> V has the palm facing the body. The letter A is trying to make the  
> picture of an A in the air with two hands, but the letter L is like  
> the western
> I bet jiny means different or various? The sign for DIFFERENT in ASL,  
> for example, is like the one you have three times in this message so  
> I bet you are saying that the schools start at different times in  
> different parts of the Czech Republic? Val ;-)
> PS. Honza...For some reason, the email you sent came to me privately.  
> I do not know how that happened, so I went up on the web and re-sent  
> it to the List, and at that time I chose to place it in vertical  
> columns rather than horizontal writing like you had in your original  
> message...just wanted to explain how it got in vertical columns!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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