CZECH REPUBLIC When does school start again?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 16 14:56:10 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
August 16, 2005

Hello Honza, and Everyone!
Thank you for this message....

Honza wrote:
> I send email almost in fingerspelling jus by mistake. I wanted to  
> see how much signs is missing in czech signpuddle and I click on  
> Send in stead of Preview :-)

Ha! I understand. The Preview and Send buttons are right next to each  
other. And once you push Send, you can't go back...But it was  
wonderful anyway! THANK really made me happy to see Czech  
mail, even if it was a preview ;-)

Do not feel shy about this (everyone on the List). It is such a  
pleasure to see the first writings from any signed language, that  
something is better than nothing...that is my philosophy. Writing has  
to be done a lot, before we all get skilled and settled with the  
vocabulary etc, so trying to write email in your signed language now,  
will help you find the signs that are missing in the dictionary it is a process over time...not something that  
happens perfectly immediately...but something that grows, like alll  
dictioinaries grow over time...

> Yes, Val. You are right. Anyway, you understand almost the whole  
> email :)
> I hope I'll be able to send whole email in CZJ (czech sign  
> language) soon.

Wonderful! I look forward to it! ;-)

Val ;-)

PS. I am preparing lessons about your questions now.

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