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August 16, 2005

Hello Shane, Stefan, Ingvild, everyone -
My experience is that different cultures have different ways of  
teaching and handling their schools. Nothing is true for ALL schools.  
And even in the same country, there are differences from one district  
to the next. Some residential schools for the Deaf in the US have  
more students, and some have less students, than the local  
mainstreaming schools. So you cannot make a broad generalization...

Meanwhile, there seems to be one thing that is true around the  
world...Teachers are very special people who usually work long long  
hours, no matter what school they teach in, and no matter what  
country they come from. Most teachers donate time after school, to  
help individual students, and some even help the class financially.  
In Albuquerque, I never forgot a wonderful teacher who gave the  
students money for materials, when they could not afford it...Many  
teachers are like heros...Helping children become educated adults, by  
tutoring them privately in their homes, with their parents, and  
teaching the parents how to sign etc...Amazing people...

I am impressed with the fine teachers who work with SignWriting  
around the world...

Val ;-)


On Aug 16, 2005, at 4:11 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:

> Do not agree - usually. Though in the regular schools now, her ein  
> Norway, they have all sorts of kids with alls sorts of  
> difficulties, and not enough manpower or time to give attention to  
> each one as they deserve. With normal, bright, slow, dyslectic,  
> asmathic,imigrant, ADHD, CP, HoH etc. all in the same class,  
> ordinary teachers do have a harder time with 20 - 30 children that  
> a teacher of similar diverse deaf children with 3-10 kids
> Ingvild
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>> Hi - just a moment -
>> Teachers in deaf schools do have an easier life - smaller class  
>> sizes!
>> -- You think so? -- easier life???
>> Stefan ;-)

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