Writing Jerry Name-Sign in SignPuddle

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Aug 16 23:04:40 UTC 2005

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August 16, 2005

> Jerry wrote:
>> I finally managed to get into signtext and tried to create my  
>> first sign. (I'm a slow starter).
>> I got into Signpuddle to find the sign for "MUSIC" since my name  
>> sign is the sign for music but using the letter "J" instead of the  
>> open hand.
>> I couldn't find the alphabet in Signtext, So, I improvised. The  
>> right hand is supposed to be a "J". (I hope). If you could tell me  
>> where to find the letters, it would help.

Hello Jerry!
I feel a little badly towards you, Jerry, because I don't think that  
using SignText on your computer is necessarily the best idea for you.  
I know you have some internet connection, or you could not be writing  
us email. I wish you could use SignPuddle directly on the web, and  
not the downloaded one. Why? Because when you created your sign on  
your computer, I cannot see the images, because they are on your  
computer, and not on the web...but if you used the web version of  
SignPuddle, then I could see your images because we are both  
connected to the web...I am not explaining this well and will ask  
Steve to help us...

Anyway, this is what I saw, when you just sent me your message (see  
attached)... The image for the sign is missing. So maybe Charles or  
someone can write your name sign in SignPuddle on the web for us? Or  
I will do it later tonight...and then we can post it for you to show  

Val ;-)


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