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>From the video, the movement itself goes into the armpit three times.
That would be in-between 3 times to me.

Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
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August 19, 2005

Contact Symbols continued...

What does Touch-Touch mean? It means the movement of touching twice. 
No other movement arrows are needed with Touch-Touch, because Touch- 
Touch is a Movement Symbol in its own right...It works all by itself.

What does ...Touch-Touch Between Two Surfaces... mean? It means that 
no other movement arrows are needed. The Touch-Touch-Between-Two- 
Surfaces, is the same movement of Touch-Touch, except that it is 
between two surfaces while it is doing the Touch-Touch movement.

So would I place a ....Touch-Touch Between Two Surfaces...under the 
armpit for the sign for SKOLA in Czech Sign Language? No. Because I 
believe that the movement is NOT Touch-Touch. It is a single Touch- 
Between while other movement is doubled or tripled... So no double 
Touch-Betweens unless the movement itself touches the arm pit twice...

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