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August 19, 2005

> On Aug 19, 2005, at 10:17 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
>> From the video, the movement itself goes into the armpit three times.
>>  That would be in-between 3 times to me.

I wasn't able to see the video...It was in a format I am not setup  
for at the moment...

But regarding writing so many symbols....that is a lot of detail for  
everyday use...I really think a simpler spelling should be found for  
the sign for SCHOOL, which is a commonly written sign...I would think  
one in-between would be enough for reading the sign quickly for those  
who already know the sign...

I personally only use the double-inbetweens when there are no other  
movement symbols involved...imagine if you wanted to show inbetween- 
inbetween but with no other movement arrow...then the doubles are  
useful...but when you have movement arrows involved anyway, one  
inbetween is enough for reading for everyday use...because the double  
arrows take care of the double movement, and it is assumed that both  
movements come from an in-between...

Same thing for double brushes, versus single with  
Nana's name sign...why write two brush symbols and two arrows, when  
one brush with two arrows still gives the same information? So Nana's  
name sign could be written with two brushes and no arrows, or one  
brush and two arrows, but why two brushes and two arrows?...That is  
too much information for a sign that you write everyday at the end of  
letters written by hand to friends! It gets discouraging to write by  
hand, with so much detail... (see number 2 in the attached)...It is  
not that either is wrong, it is just a hope that we can simplify  
spellings a little....

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