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Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Aug 21 19:19:08 UTC 2005

I read the mouths of the sign as 'email' - without consulting Stefan's book, 
so I might very well be wrong


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>SignWriting List
>August 21, 2005
>Thank you, to all of you, who have been sending email written in  
>SignWriting! And I enjoyed seeing some German messages in German  signs. 
>Thank you, Stefan!
>So tell us a little about this sign, which I took from one of the  emails. 
>There are a lot of Mundbilder, so I assume that it is  speaking a German 
>word...Do you think a foreigner like myself could  say the German word 
>correctly from the Mundbilder? Have you ever  tested that? If not, it 
>doesn't matter, since what matters is your  Deaf students of course, but I 
>am curious to see if I could learn  German words through the Mundbilder 
>Can you post the equivalent sounds connected to each Mundbilder, or  direct 
>us to the exact web page...Many thanks!! Val ;-)

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