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August 21, 2005

Ingvild Roald wrote:
> I read the mouths of the sign as 'email' - without consulting  
> Stefan's book, so I might very well be wrong


> On Aug 21, 2005, at 1:41 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
>> Perfect ! Juchuuu -- congrats - Ingvild!!


Hello Stefan and Ingvild!
I am finally starting to grasp what is happening here between our  
different signed languages and cultures ...Mundbilder must be what we  
call Mouthing...

I did not read the attached sign as EMAIL, but now that you told me  
it says that, I am starting to learn your writing of course that is an English word though...not so  
sure about the German Mouthing smile...

Mouthing, in my terminology, means saying the word silently while  
signing silently...which is not what I mean when I am talking about  
the natural facial expressions of true ASL...that is different yet  
again...that is what Kevin did in One Harbor. Kevin rarely does  
Mouthing because he doesn't seem to think in English, although he  
does Mouth a little when teaching hearing people...

And Lucinda, who is native to ASL but lives with hearing people, will  
Mouth to me, and turn to Kevin and turn off the  
turning off a faucet! She Mouthed a great deal on the Lessons in SW  
video series, and got criticized for it by other ASL in  
our culture Mouthing is done, but not necessarily considered really  
good ASL...

or am I wrong? Can someone who is skilled in ASL tell me if I am  
right or wrong? Cultures change fast and the issue of Lucinda's  
mouthing on that video series was an issue in the mid-1990s...

Can you see why I am sooo happy that you are writing the email in  
your own German signs, Stefan? I am learning about your language, and  
some of the issues of writing it...And I look forward to studying  
more email from different countries!

No more writing to me in ASL, which is not my language...I live in  
the world of international thinking...Val ;-)

PS. Here is what the terminology is, I believe:

1.GebaerdenSchrift means SignWriting.

2. Mundbilder means Mouthing.

3. Facial Expressions and ASL Mouth Movements that do not have any  
connection with English words also occur in ASL, but they are not  

4. Mundbildschrift is a way to read the movements of the mouth while  
speaking a spoken language.

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