CZJ - Czech sign language: SKOLA (school) - video

Martin Novak sign at MARTANEK.COM
Mon Aug 22 17:50:41 UTC 2005

Hello Tomas, Honza, Charles and everybody.

Im just here after 4 month sleeping. I founded very interest discussion about 
Czech sign SKOLA (school). I had same problem with making first sign CZECH 
(Val helped to create me it by video show of one deaf person). Some people 
began disagree with three times moving hand. I know that so much of people 
use twice.
I thought its not important, because Stokoe notation put only sign "repeat" 
and its end. I know not every people use same multiple hand movement (not 
important if it is native speaker or hearing people). There is no 
regulation..  Is possible put to sign that hand movement can be repeted 2 or 
3 times (in one sign) and not create two independent sign ? 

I know sign SKOLA (school) is used with twice hand movement because it have 
two syllables sko-la and now Im suprised that somebody use three times 

Honza: Why do you think that Vaclav Ptacek is no deaf ? He attended normal 
oral school, so he speak as hearing person. Maybe you dont know that his 
parents are deaf and he have deaf daughter :-).

Martin from Czech

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:35:41 +0200, Honza wrote
> Hi Tomas and Charles,
> Tomas: Vaclav Ptacek is not deaf but he is the most famous teacher 
> of signED language in Czech Rep...
> Charles: thanks for improving sign school. I have to ask others how 
> many times it should be signed, but most people sign it two times. 
> As I know there is no rules for nouns and werbs. Mostly both are 
> signed twice. Only werb - if it is like -ing it is signed more 
> times. But in general all can sign more or less times if you feel 
> you need to.
> Honza
> Charles Butler wrote:
> > skola_4Looking at video, he moves his hand up 3 times. 
> >  
> > ASL consistently does twice for a noun, does Czech do 3 times?
> >  
> > I added this to Czech SignBank as skola_4.
> >  
> > Charles
> >
> > */Tomáš Klapka <Tomas.Klapka at>/* wrote:
> >
> >     Sign SKOLA (school).
> >     Signer's name is Vaclav Ptacek and he tought me SL ;-) He is deaf.
> >
> >     Tomáš
> >

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