NORWAY Writing Some Norwegian Signs ;-)

Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Mon Aug 22 20:15:34 UTC 2005


The first Tegn seems to describe both circles in the same plane.  To me 
it's almost like I'm looking at the sign slightly to one side - which is 
perfectly normal - not everyone watches someone signing from a straight 
on perspective.  In seeing both circles in the same plane, it reinforces 
the concept of both hands moving similarly and that they are on opposite 
sides of the circle. 

Tegn_2 appears almost same, except that the circles do not seem to be in 
the same plane but at a slight angle to each other.  It looks rather 
like the left hand is going slightly left and the right hand is going 
slightly right.


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> August 22, 2005
> Hi Ingvild -
> I am so happy to see 80 signs in the Norwegian SignPuddle! I know how  
> busy you are, so this is
> Great experience to visit the Norwegian SignPuddle!
> Norwegian SignPuddle
> Attached is the sign for TEGN...(I know that your question is really  
> about jerky circles, and I am getting to that )...but I still wanted  
> to share this tiny tidbit on writing styles...What both of us wrote  
> here, for the sign for TEGN, are both you don't have to  
> change a thing...
> But notice that I tend to have the two circles symmetrically opposite  
> with the dark part of the circle on the outside of the movement  
> grouping (see number 2 in the attached diagram)...I am not even sure  
> why I do that, but I got used to it...
> Any opinions, anyone, on these writing-style differences? Look at the  
> two circles...
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