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Mon Aug 22 20:27:40 UTC 2005

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August 22, 2005

Hello Ingvild, Charles and everyone!

I want to thank Charles for writing several emails to our List  
earlier this summer specifically addressing the issue of writing  
jerky circles! I really appreciate those messages, Charles, and I am  
sorry I did not comment earlier...You are right that one good way to  
write a jerky circle is to cut the circle up into smaller arrows, and  
then place the Tension Symbol, or other Dynamics symbols at the end  
of each based on that idea...please see the attached  
screen capture from the Norwegian SignPuddle, where I just entered  
one way to write a jerky circle (my example is number 2 in the  
attached diagram)...

Actually I want to try to develop a better way to write this, so that  
it is easier looking...This particular example (number 2) is  
accurate, but too detailed, I think, for everyday looks like  
a researcher writing a sign for the first time...because that is was my first time writing jerky circles!

By the way, Ingvild, how many jerks per circle do you want?  
smile...Val ;-)

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