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August 22, 2005

Hello Bill!
Great comments below. Thank you...Actually both versions are writing  
circles that go straight ahead, directly to the front wall, with no  
angle on either one of them...but that is why it really doesn't  
matter which one you write, because they both mean the same thing!  
But you are correct, that it gives the feeling of what you mention  
below...but that is only because if you really wrote what you  
see...the circle would become a straight vertical line since the  
front would have to be written directly on top of the back of the I guess that is why I always chose the  
symmetrical opposites on the circles to make sure people would  
realize that the circles are going straight front and our viewpoint  
is not on an angle...interesting!

By the way, Bill...we have more countries now. Your wonderful map on  
the front page of our site, leads you to the Who Uses SignWriting page:

....and then you can see more than 27 countries you think we  
can fit on more red dots on the map?! If not, that is ok...but it was  
on my mind so I am glad you wrote!

Val ;-)

On Aug 22, 2005, at 1:15 PM, Bill Reese wrote:
> The first Tegn seems to describe both circles in the same plane.   
> To me it's almost like I'm looking at the sign slightly to one side  
> - which is perfectly normal - not everyone watches someone signing  
> from a straight on perspective.  In seeing both circles in the same  
> plane, it reinforces the concept of both hands moving similarly and  
> that they are on opposite sides of the circle.
> Tegn_2 appears almost same, except that the circles do not seem to  
> be in the same plane but at a slight angle to each other.  It looks  
> rather like the left hand is going slightly left and the right hand  
> is going slightly right.

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