Saving from SignPuddle?

Barbara Pennacchi barbara.pennacchi at ISTC.CNR.IT
Thu Aug 25 14:01:58 UTC 2005

On 25.08.05 15:36, Bill Reese wrote:

> I don't use Translate but would it be possible to "print" to Acrobat  
> Distiller and save it as a PDF file?

there is no need to use Acrobat Distiller or any of their commercial (not- 
free) products to make PDF files. In most cases (namely, linux and MacOsX)  
there are opensource programs like ghostscript that do this job for free.  
I think it is possible to have and use ghostscript even on windows but, as  
I'm writing straight from memory, I do not have right now any information  
on that. Maybe using google will help you find Ghostscript's homepage.

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