AW: [sw-l] Czech Manual Alphabet - sign for H

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Tue Aug 30 21:58:11 UTC 2005

Hi Val,

this sign write down Stefan, but..

..yes it is exactly how did you write it in SW.
originally Martin write it down in this way (see attachment), but I am 
not sure if it is good readable, maybe we should change it somehow.

I think in Stefan's signpuddle it is readable, but in original 
signpuddle it is not possible to write it in the same way.. handshapes 
are bigger


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> August 30, 2005
> On Aug 30, 2005, at 2:35 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
>> In finding a way for writing this "H"  I ran into the problem that   
>> I wanted
>> to avoid too many symbols. I guess that in this context the reader  
>> would
>> accept the idea ...  but you are definitely right that the addition  
>> of two contact stars and the
>> little gap between the two index hands does not leave  any doubts and
>> questions - smile
> -------------------------
> I am just concerned about the blending of the two handshapes into one  
> shape...The blended handshapes themselves could be hard to read?
> But if that is working for people, that is great! I always love  
> seeing new ways to use the same symbols!  Val ;-)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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