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Yule is the word for "wheel" in Old English and is specifically the turning of the year in the Wiccan religion, so yes, she guessed the etymology correctly.
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  I am so glad that Shane posted a message in response to your message, Ingvild, because for some reason, I didn't see it in my email box...Thanks for these Norwegian signs for Christmas...interesting about the word Yul in Scandinavian spoken languages...I would have thought the sign to the right was representing a circular wreath on the door...which we do here in the US at Christmas ;-)


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  In Norwegian sign language, NTS, there are two signs commonly used.
  One of them outlines the christmas three, the other one reminds us that the mouth (and sound) is the same as for \'hjul\', meaning \'wheel\'. \'Wheel\' is signed differntly, though. - It may be that the word \'jul\' (English \'youl\') is etymologically connected to the turn of the year, and hence to a kind of wheel, but that is speculatiosn on my side.
  But you can use either of these signs in NSL (=NTS) and be understood.


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