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December 8, 2005

Juliette Dalle in France wrote:
> Could you help me?  The SW lessons in French aren't complete, I  
> suppose that when Anne-Laure translated the SW lessons, these  
> symboles weren't created yet. There are any sybmoles which I don't  
> know the meaning. See the picture. Could you explain me about it?

Hello Juliette and Anne-Claude!
Ok. In the Lessons in SignWriting in English, they are on this web page:

Mouth Symbols

Attached are the symbols from that web page...In English, they are  
called Wrinkles...What is a wrinkle in French? I don't know...I  
looked it up on Alta Vista translation service, and they said...SKIN  
WRINKLES is RIDES DE PEAU in French...SMILE... actually a smile  
creates those skin-wrinkles on the side of the smile, and  
then look at yourself in the mirror! ;-)))

They give a feeling to some Facial Expressions in SignWriting...the  
Wrinkles can be used for several different facial expressions...not  
just smiling...but frowning too...Val ;-)

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