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Can the list take short .wmv files?  I could show you the sign...

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Re: [sw-l] USA... Sign for ENGLISH

I think there is a spelling error here though, Valerie. I suspect the 
variation being discussed is where the right hand (dominant hand) 
touches the back of the left hand (non-dominant hand) twice with 
somewhat of a grasping or touch motion. I haven't seen a variation of 
English where both hands actually move up and down while being grasped.

See my previous email for suggestions on these ....



On Dec 15, 2005, at 12:46, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> December 15, 2005
>> Philippe from Iowa wrote:
>> I did ask someone here and we never see the second variation (going 
>> down).
> Hello Philippe and Cherie!
> I understand. And I appreciate you telling us, Philippe. Those first 
> two signs were written by three Deaf staff members...all from 
> different parts of the country...Kathy Say is from Arizona, Bonita 
> Ewan was from Minnesota and Alaska I believe, and Butch Zein from 
> Texas...they were the three that wrote the signs that are in the 
> SignWriter Computer Program dictionary, which were then transferred 
> over into the ASL SignPuddle later...and they always discussed each 
> sign together and oftentimes found that they had different variations 
> of I am not surprised that you may not know every variation 
> they chose, but I believe those two variations do exist somewhere in 
> the to get your feedback and keep informing 
> us...I bet you have some signs unique to Iowa too! 
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