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December 15, 2005

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I think there is a spelling error here though, Valerie. I suspect  
> the variation being discussed is where the right hand (dominant  
> hand) touches the back of the left hand (non-dominant hand) twice  
> with somewhat of a grasping or touch motion. I haven't seen a  
> variation of English where both hands actually move up and down  
> while being grasped.

Hello Stuart -
Glad you wrote. Just want to tell you I have not forgotten your need  
to write the various versions of the sign for Hey...that will come  

Regarding the two signs that our DAC members wrote years ago (they  
are not my signs!)...neither of those signs have movement up and down you can see by the attached...The second one is down  
twice...the emphasis is on the actually slaps the top  
of the left hand almost...I believe that was Kathy Say's sign...I can  
write to ask her...For me to throw out a sign that a Deaf person  
entered...I don't think I have that right, but I can write to her to  
discuss it with is not my sign, but Cherie just said  
she has seen that sign too...maybe it needs a Strike Symbol...we can  
try to find a videoclip of that variation someday and make a final  
decision feel free to enter your own version  
of ENGLISH in SignPuddle and that way we can compare later ;-))

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