USA... Sign for ENGLISH

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Dec 15 20:18:48 UTC 2005

On Dec 15, 2005, at 11:07 AM, CWren at wrote:
> Can the list take short .wmv files?  I could show you the sign...

Yes...If they are very short...we accept these formats:


I believe these all work! But keep them small...just one sign at a  
time when posting to the List...longer videoclips need to be placed  
on a web site and then you give us a link to look at the videoclip on  
the web...

I hope Stuart and Philipe can work with you on this, as I must leave  
the internet now! smile..I always love chatting! But I have to get to  
the symbol work now...

Blessings everyone -

Val ;-)

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