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That's been my difficulty to.  We need an edit program that loads to a buffer file, and then can be reloaded to the same name and overwrite the original.

CWren at wrote:
How do I delete it?  I have customize, load, search, and copy as options.  I loaded and cleared, but then couldn't 'save changes' any way I could see, other than 'add to dictionary.'   

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December 15, 2005 

Cherie from Georgia, USA wrote: 
We use several different variations here...  the top 'open C' hand moving down twice onto the lower flat hand, the single pull pack with both hands moving together: both  are used, but more common is sort of a double shake...  I had to sign it several times to figure out that it actually moves down and =forward= a little.  Would I use the diagonal plane symbols for that, or not because it could be understood without them? Val. I like your variation.  I can see both handshapes clearly.  If the grasp symbol is used, you wouldn't need the surface symbol, right?  The 'old' spellings had the grasp symbol, but they had the two handshapes overlapping...  that's why I thought the surface symbol might be better in that instance. 

Hello Cherie and Philipe - 
This is also very interesting news...You have seen all three variations of the sign for ENGLISH! 

Yes, I feel the Grasp Symbol is essential to the meaning of the sign, which I believe stands for holding a cane, as people do in England. So if you agree with me, perhaps you can delete the number 3 one in the ASL SignPuddle, and rename my fourth English_3....Do you know how to do that, Cherie? Go to Dictionary Editors, login with your password, and find English and do the editing...The Refresh button on your browser will help you see the changes you make after you are done... 

Regarding the overlapping symbols...I know what you mean...that happened because we have a Spelling Rule called "Always Write the Position of Contact"...have you read that rule in the eLessons? Generally we try to write the position the way it looks in real life, but on the other hand, if it is really unreadable of course we can separate the hands a little like my last attempt...but anyway...that is why that happened. 

This is good that you are learning all these issues so quickly! 


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