USA - Video clips and Logging in as an Editor to SignPuddle

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Dec 16 14:32:24 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
December 16, 2005

Hello Cherie!
Thank you for all your efforts!

> I sent three separate emails with three different clips, none of  
> them came thru to me...  which ones did you see?  the file names  
> were english, english## and englishback.  The one that apparently  
> no one but me has seen is the first one... ::smile::

I saw the one entitled english##...happy to meet you! I am sorry I  
did not see the others and I do not know why they did not post.  As  
the manager of the List, I usually get bounced messages when  
something doesn't go through, but I did not this time, so I have no  
clue. The software that manages the List postings cannot handle too  
much at one time. Not only do the video clips have to be small, but  
we can also only post one to one email message...If you tried to  
attach all three to one message, that could be one reason why they  
didn't show up for has to do with memory...So only one  
attachment to one message is the way we have to do it...

So if you want to send them to me privately, at:

sutton at

Then I could post the video clips for you on our web site and give  
everyone a link to view them...That solves the problem!

> As to the editing, I signed in when you first sent the invite, but  
> now it won't let me back in.  I have tried various different times,  
> thinking maybe I misremembered the password I used, but nothing I  
> have tried will get me in.  I can get to something that lets me  
> customize, but no delete option...  It looks similar to what you  
> show, but different.  Of course, I am working on a PC, not a  
> Mac...  would that make a difference?

OK. First, it has nothing to do with Mac or PC - that is the beauty  
of SignPuddle, is that it is totally that is not  
the issue...

When you click on Dictionary Editor icon, and you scroll down to the  
bottom of that page to login, your screen should have a bunch of  
flags at the bottom of the screen and below it is the place to login  
each time you enter have to do this every time you  
start again on a new day...Have you found this login place? Your User  
name is CWren. Then type your password. Press the Login button...

Can you do that for me now?...then write again and say..I did  
that...and I will tell you what to do next...

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