French Sign "Sock" in SW ?

Juliette Dalle Juliette.Dalle at WANADOO.FR
Mon Dec 19 22:52:14 UTC 2005

Dear Val

Yes it is right, you have good captured the 3 positions. Thanks a lot 
for help ! Tomorrow I will work on this and many LSF -SW indeed, I must 
to create some SW supports for school tomorrow end of afternoon. If you 
want I can send you some photos of supports tomorrow ! :-)



Le lundi, 19 déc 2005, à 22:51 Europe/Paris, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> December 19, 2005
> Juliette Dalle wrote:
>> PS : Val, I have reduced the memory of the movie now :-)..
> Hello Juliette and Everyone!
> The .mov movie came in fine..I could see it. Hope others could 
> too...Both Juliette and I are on Macintoshes...
> Before I try to write this unusual sign, I captured these three 
> positions from the video clip...Do these three positions seem correct 
> to you, Juliette? Of course there is movement in-between...I will 
> write it several ways next message...
> PS. If others want to write it too, go right ahead!! Half the list is 
> on vacation because of the it is a sleepy list right now 
> ;-))
> <SOCK-FSL.jpg>

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