[sw-l] cantons suisses... drawings... to compare with SignPuddle swiss french dic.

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Feb 9 06:25:12 UTC 2005

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February 8, 2005

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> By the way... I don't remember if I told you but ... during our last 
> meeting... we decided we were going to say SignEcriture (instead of 
> SignWriting)... and someone also propsed a new sign to speak of 
> SignEcriture...

Oh Yes, you did tell us, Anny. I think the name SignEcriture fits our 
trademark SignWriting very well...thank you for the great name in 
French! I wonder if others, such as those in Quebec and France will 
want to use the same name?

And the drawings you showed us are charming and I am glad you will be 
adding the names of your provinces or regions in French-Swizerland - 
those are the kinds of signs that could be added to the International 
Name Signs SignPuddle as well someday...

So is this your sign for SignWriting (SignEcriture) in Swiss French 
Sign Language?

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