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February 9, 2005

Did you know that SignWriting was first developed in Denmark, and it 
was the Danish School System that tried SignWriting in the schools 
first, back in the 1980's?...I think it would be great to invite some 
of those teachers to the SignWriting Seminar in Europe this 
summer...The teachers in Denmark were using a full stick figure when 
writing in SignWriting, and now they use SignWriting in interpreter 
training, and for parents of Deaf children, but not necessarily for the 
young Deaf children - don't ask me why - that is simply the way it has 
been since 1990, but it may be that this SignWriting Seminar might 
stimulate the Danes to look back and perhaps re-stimulate their 
interest...if nothing more it will be interesting for them to see the 
new ways that SignWriting is now used in other countries in Europe...so 
here are the names of some of the SignWriting experts in 
Denmark...Bente Sparrevohn did a book in the 1980's in pure SignWriting 
that I feel is a masterpiece. She transcribed Deaf storytelling and it 
was so visually written - she was the first to capture Deaf 
storytelling in SignWriting history...Would you like to see Bente's 
book? I will be glad to scan some pages for you if you wish...so I 
really think it would be great to contact Bente to see if she would 
want to come?...smile...and then Karen Albertsen, Britta Hansen and Ole 
Faustrup are other names...


Teacher Bente Sparrevohn
Skolen på Kastelsvej
Kastelsvej 58,
2100 København Ø
Tlf.: 3542 2662 - Fax: 3542 5662 -
E-mail: kastel at skolen-paa-kastelsvej.dk

Others to invite in Denmark:

Britta Hansen
Asger Bergman
  Kastelsvej 60
  2100 København Ø, Denmark
kc at kc.dk

Ole Faustrup
Dove Foreningen
E-mail: of at kc.dk

Karen Albertsen
ka at ami.dk 
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