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Fri Feb 11 18:08:27 UTC 2005

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February 11, 2005

Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> Well the arrowheads are filled or not filled ( but the color may be a
> question of modern art and the consequence of genius software 
> programmer -
> smile  )
> I remember our discussions from about 5 years ago about black and 
> white and
> drawing vs. writing - and DOS and blackboard - and writing with ink, 
> or pen
> - or chalk ...
> Puh - times have changed so much ? Well - not the filling - or not 
> filling -
> smile!

Hello Stefan and Everyone!
Ha!! You are absolutely correct...Filled in and not filled in ....are 
the only two correct terms for the arrowheads! Funny...right 
this moment... Stephen is building in color into SignMaker, and as you 
know, for our Literacy Project here in the US, we did color symbols for 
awhile based on these colors, so using this particular color scheme, it 
would be red and not red arrowheads - ha! So please excuse my 
color-mistaken terminology! Filled in and not filled in, will be what 
we will use in the future ;-)

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