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Thu Feb 17 19:00:03 UTC 2005

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February 17, 2005

This is wonderful news from Poland, Lucyna! Thanks for reporting to 
us...I am really impressed! Perhaps I should create a little web page 
on our SignWritng web site about SignWriting in Poland?...Would you 
like that? I will be happy to do that later this year, if you 

Val ;-)


Lucyna Dlugolecka from Poland wrote:
> Yesterday I gave a paper on the Deaf culture, languages and social 
> position around the world. I was speaking in Polish and it was 
> extremely hard for me, despite I managed it somehow :-). I do speak 
> very rarely, so I wanted to make the most of this opportunity to speak 
> and... afterwards I was dead beat, and I had still to give PJM classes 
> to my uni students, right after a 15-minute break that follwed the 
> one-hour long paper...
> Well, I asked my students if they would like to learn SW and they 
> agreed. So, from the next week on I will start teaching SW to them. We 
> will be taking small SW steps within PJM classes.
> A paper on SW will be given in a week by Romulad Szurik, a deaf 
> student from the University of Warsaw.
> I was told about another student from the city of Olsztyn who is very 
> interested in SW and I'll try to get in touch with him and encourage 
> him to join this List and/or to co-build the SW dictionary for PJM.
> I am glad to see that the idea of PJM spreads also in my country :-).
> Lucyna
> GG 3618151 SMS +48505273292
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