AW: [sw-l] SignText Question, and Tsunami message...

Stefan Wohrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Jan 3 20:13:36 UTC 2005

Hi Valerie, Ingvild - listmembers

just a short comment - "Tsunami sadness"

I can understand the spelling of the movements - so if anybidy from Norway
would watch me - he/she should understand what the message is about -

bevertheless I would love to understand the message - unfortunately in
contrary to the early SignPuddle messages the translation of the png do not
show up anymore if you touch the sign with the cursor of the mouse -
That has helped before to understand messages written in different SL  of
the world ;-))

In this case can you add a translation please?? ( several single signs like
"wave" "there" fingerspelling as(i)a
"g"?  "Norway" are quiet clear but I cannot understand exactly- though I
understand the feeling of sadness that goes along with this terrible

Stefan ;-)

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SignWriting List
January 2, 2005

On Jan 2, 2005, at 12:53 PM, Stephen Slevinski wrote:
> You can view it:

Hello Everyone, Ingvild, and Stephen!
Thank you for your hard work, Stephen, and for the information. And
thanks for posting Ingvild's message, which I have also attached to
this message as a graphic...

As you know, I am working on updating the IMWA. By the end of the week
I will have all the shoulders, heads, arm lines, leg lines, feet and
finger lines in the IMWA, plus all 25,000 pngs will be trimmed with a
tight bounding box. As you can see in Ingvild's message, the arm lines
need to be improved in the current symbolset. I am also considering
making the Punctuation Symbols a little wider, to make sure they look
very different than the shoulder lines...sometimes the eye can get
those confused when writing in vertical columns...

Anyway, thanks for your message, Ingvild!  Val ;-)

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