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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Jan 16 15:02:51 UTC 2005

Hi Ingvild -

just curous - so little deaf children will learn British SignLanguage from
day one at school for the DEAF?

Stefan ;-))

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Here in Norway we do teach dual language (NSL and Norwegian) to deaf
students, wheter they are in an integrated setting or in a special
setting, since 1997. I will find the appropriate links to English-language
descriptions in a day or two. - We also teach English and BSL as second
language from grade one.

Vestlandet Resource Center,

sw-l at skriver:
>At the moment, we are sending a request to the Department of Education
>for Northern Ireland to get the funding to start a Dual Language
>Immersion (integrated) primary school where children, deaf and
>non-deaf, will be taught through NISL and English (ISL and English if
>in the Western Area of NI) - so I am very glad Kathleen have raised the
>point here - it is very important to know how our national sign
>languages are being taught etc - most of us are so used to teaching
>adults - or even kids as second languages - but to teach our national
>sign language as the first language?
>maybe some of us in Europe can set up a working group on sign language
>curriculum (across Europe) and discuss what is needed what is to be
>taught etc
>what do you think, Kathleen?
>On 13 Jan 2005, at 22:20, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> I'm actually working with the group of deaf teachers of one of the
>> french speaking part of Switzerland's school for the deaf...
>> to teach sign language... and it's true that there's not much existing
>> about didactics...
>> But ...there is a document  called "le premier outil pédagogique pour
>> la langue des signes" which was on the web  on
>> and then click on the pdf document for "langue des signes"
>> Hope it can help... even though (if I remember well...) you don't
>> speak french
>> You should ask someone to translate it for you.. it's a valuable
>> tool!!! and it's the only one I know about!
>> Yours truly
>> Anny
>> Le 13 janv. 05, à 21:24, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal a écrit :
>>> Hello list,
>>> holliday is over, back to work! ;) Hope you all had a good newyear.
>>> I have a question for the teachers who are on this list. I see that
>>> SignWriting is being used in many country's now, and I'm very happy
>>> about that. I'm wondering if you could help me out. I'm looking for
>>> information on sign language didactics. Do any of you have a
>>> curriculum on teaching sign language or to use SignWriting? Because
>>> there is no such thing in Belgium. :s
>>> So any information would be great!
>>> Thank you!
>>> Greetings Kathleen
>>> Koop geen kat in een zak. Probeer alles 14 dagen bij jou thuis.

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