[sw-l] Back in action!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 16 16:58:01 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 16, 2004

Dear SW Listers!
Yes...And I am now back in action too ;-)

About an hour ago I finished updating SignBank with the new IMWA 1.1.
New symbols were added to Heads, UpperBody, FullBody, Space and
Punctuation categories. We will now be able to write signs that require
armlines. And some symbols used in full DanceWriting are now in
1.1...And yes, as you guessed, I did not finish all the DanceWriting
symbols, so there will be an IMWA 1.2 someday...

However, for SignWriting, the IMWA 1.1 is, I believe, the complete
symbolset...including writing Sign Language poetry and storytelling,
which requires arm lines and upper body movement...

I have not posted the just-updated SignBank on the web for download
yet...I hope to do that later today. And Stephen Slevinski is working
on placing the new IMWA 1.1 in all the SignPuddles on the web now...No
small job!

So I will write again when I post the new SignBank, and I look forward
to jumping into this conversation, about a possible Teacher's
conference for SignWriting teachers in Europe? Maybe it could become a
yearly event, located at a different school each year?...Afterall,
SignWriting is now taught in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium,
Ireland and in the past, in Denmark...and possibly in Norway? It might
be beneficial for SignWriting teachers to get together to share
classroom experiences and to learn about new updates...And of course
Brazil and Nicaragua on the other side of the globe...It starts getting
expensive traveling so far, so we could try to also hold the same
workshop on the internet for those who cannot travel to the actual

But more later on that...

2005 will be an exciting year!

Val ;-)

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