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Hi all,

I had to smile at this discussion about the "sound" of a spoken name -

but it is definetly important and my deaf students ask me to teach them how
to pronounce some foreign words  the way the hearing do ...

Important within this context - if you are waiting for a special
mouthmovement but you see a different one you will get in trouble - so this
"Mundbildschrift" turns out to become an important tool within the setting
of articulation ... which is one aspect in teaching deaf children -

If you are interested you can download the document here:

Looking at the differen Lootsinah pronounciations - I understand the reason
for an internatial phonological symbol set -

My deaf students could not take advantage out of that in the beginning - so
I invented this more visual oriented system to represent the phonological
aspects of the German language ( but of course you can add other symbols
that are needed in other spoken languages ... if you follow the rules ;-) )

Attached you find three spellings of how I would pronounce "Lutsina"
"Lutzinah" Loziehna"  or other spellings ...

I met another Lucy - somewhere in a museum - maybe Amsterdam?? smile -


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> I like your name - it is different from the usual plain 'lucy'! :D

Ok, but I was a bit mistaken with the pronouncation. It should be like this:
"lootsinah". Most foreigners find it very difficult to pronounce, so I
thought your would prefer the plain Lucy :-)

> I'm from Ireland myself - in Belfast (shall I continue explaining where it
> is?!?! - no, I didn't steal that £27m (millions)!!!) - I use two national
> sign languages - Northern Ireland Sign Language (often described as
> British
> Sign Language - NI dialect) and Irish Sign Language. NISL and ISL are very
> common in the North of Ireland - I'm better with my NISL than with my ISL
> as
> I teach NISL.

I see! I wasn't able to make head or tail of your SLs - ;-)

> I am speaking to our lovely Kathleen (in Brussels) about the idea of doing
> a
> small teaching conference this summer (it is not confirmed yet!) so
> perhaps
> I will see you then in Brussels this summer? :D

In Brussels? Val (following Kathleen) has written about Maastricht... It
would be great if I am able to meet you there, at the conference or
afterwards. I was planning a trip to Prague this summer but now I think,
either I'll go to Maastricht from Prague or I change my plans :-).


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