[sw-l] SW and signspelling

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jan 23 19:49:47 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
January 23, 2005

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
> I remember a few times to have seen messages about Signmaker and
> lessons in Signspelling on the list. So now I am curious if there are
> specific rules on where to put a handshape in relation to the head, or
> an arrow: should it be nearer to the handshape or ... you know what I
> mean?
> Is there a set of rules how to build a sign in SignWriting? Rules we
> must stick to. (a kind of roster)
> I remember your messages about the sign for Belgium Val. The hand was
> not in the correct place and the arrow was to short. The arrow had to
> be closer to the handshape and so on...
> Maybe it's somewhere on the signwritingwebpage and I have not looked
> close enough...

You are absolutely correct, Kathleen! There are special SignWriting
Spelling Rules, which I call SignSpellings. I will start those lessons
again Monday, January 24th!

As you know, I live in California, so I am 8 to 10 hours behind you
everyday. We are 8 hours behind the British Isles, 9 hours behind
western Europe, and 10 hours behind eastern Europe...and we are three
hours behind Washington DC and New York! Ha!

So when I say Monday, January 24th...unless I am up all night...that
probably means Monday evening or night for you...but it is Monday
morning for me ;-)))

So I will be back online tomorrow morning California time!

Val ;-)

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