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Sun Jan 23 20:39:20 UTC 2005

Hi Kathleen -

this is not an easy question -

You know what I did at the time when I started to learn to read and write
SW --

Well I studied the materials that are offered by Valerie Sutton and Steve
and Diane Parkhurst in detail:

Looking at hundreds of well written signs will lead to some kind of
"feeling" - ;-)

- there are some "diificult" handshapes - So watch out for these -

- we have some wonderful email lessons  on the web - search for e-lessons

There is a great teaching book: "Learn to Read Goldilocks and the three
bears" I studied this book in detail several times - it shows Darline Clark
Gunsaus in a series of stills and next to each photo you see Valerie Suttons
transcription - this is a wonderful wonderful help!!

Learning to read SW is a matter of a few days - smile - but it takes some
time to develop a feeling and skill to become a scribe -

But the interesting thing with this is - no matter what - if you violate
some spelling rules, if you pick the wrong arrow or neglect the symbols for
the differen arrow heads - usually SW is such a strong and powerful writing
system that you can understand the idea behind the written symbols --- I
like that!

Just keep on writing looooooooooooooooong documents and show them to your
audience and try to find out - what do they perform - what do they
understand? - or not (smile)  The scribe himself is easy off to understand
his own style --

But we will definitely get the chance to talk about this more when you will
come to our school on February 7th

We are looking forward to meeting you and Sarah

Stefan ;-))

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  Hello Val and list,

  I remember a few times to have seen messages about Signmaker and lessons
in Signspelling on the list. So now I am curious if there are specific rules
on where to put a handshape in relation to the head, or an arrow: should it
be nearer to the handshape or ... you know what I mean?
  Is there a set of rules how to build a sign in SignWriting? Rules we must
stick to. (a kind of roster)
  I remember your messages about the sign for Belgium Val. The hand was not
in the correct place and the arrow was to short. The arrow had to be closer
to the handshape and so on...
  Maybe it's somewhere on the signwritingwebpage and I have not looked close

  Greetings Kathleen

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