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Ja, ich kann in mehreren Sprachen lesen, aber noch nicht die GebärdenSchrift ;-)

Thanks for your explanations. Now I see the Deaf Education problems in Germany and Poland are very much the same. I can speak but I learned to sign without speaking - just through interaction with other Deaf who, in most cases, could not speak. So the sign language I learned was the natural one, PJM. But when I got to know about Signed Polish and tried to use it, I felt utter chaos in my mind. This is why I don't like to use both the systems (speech and signs) at the same time (although I vocalize some signs). I know more languages and I need to have the "language drawers" in perfect order ;-).


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  Hello Lucyna and welcome to our List !!!! 

  So you are able to read German documents? That would allow you to have direct access to many of my documents that are posted on my homepage 


  Ha - the question about using so many different systems is a difficult one - 

  I had to learn that there are many different interests involved in teaching or supporting deaf children from hearing background. 

  So you never can say from outside - without having a close look at the biographical and social background what kind of teaching concept is adequat, successful, ... 

  ...and there is a conflict - constantly - how much time should be given to articulation and how important is the focus on SL competence

  From my 10 students 10 - 16 years old - there is only one child from a German speaking family - all others experience a foreign language at home.

  None of the parents achieved minimal SL - competence - so they are not able to comunicate with their child ... And whenever I try to explain the importance of SL they express their difficulties and many reasons -

  Nevertheless - we achieved now a level of SL competence - DGS ( that means voiceless but moving the lips a lot - just as the DEAF German sign - ) 
  This kind of comunication does  n o t  follow the grammar of the spoken Language - 

  But now you see the advantage of SignWriting  or GebaerdenSchrift - as we call it here - With the support of lots and lots of  written documents the students understand better and better that they have to decide - spoken language ( signing word by word with or without loud speaking) or pure DGS - following the rules of the SL without voicing any word ... 

  It is wonderful to watch the students how easy and competent they identify the difference between these two types of documents. They larn to "read" DGS-written texts but translate and speak at the same moment in perfect Grammar ! ( Of course not all of them - and there are still steps to go. But all of them improved tremendously by the use of Valerie Suttons wonderful invention!! 

  More questions?? 

  Have a super day!

  Stefan ;-) 

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    Yeah, congratulations, Stefan! I have just read the article. I like it. I would like to ascertain of that your Deaf students speak German and use German Sign Langauge at the same time? Or they just vocalize some words and some not? Do you speak and sign at the same time? Aren't there big differences between grammars of these languages?

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      SignWriting List
      January 23, 2005

      Congratulations to Stefan!!

      IN GERMANY....
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